Tips, Use & Care of Hammocks

Tip no1.......Find places that work ......where you can relax and not worry about some menace!!!

There are thousands of different situations for putting up a hammock! Its not a bad idea to google it...

Chain , Rawl bolts, tree rings, rope, Wrappers are all ways to set up a hammock space.
on the balcony, in a tree, on walls, explore your unique situation...otherwise here are some tips. see the pics below to start.

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With the AIR-SHOCKS (McGuivers) (patent), your hammock can be easily clipped on to two points
And adjust height buy pulling the rope on the AIR-SHOCKS longer or shorter.

Attachment points - 

should be approx 2-3 Meters height & 3.5 – 4.5 Meters apart.

Whatever the distance.... You should aim for this kind of BANANA SHAPE - and about KNEE HEIGHT so you have a friction point to rock - hang your leg out and push to get a swing. 

You can then put stuff on the floor and don't need to make a big effort to reach for book, beer, tea, coffee, whatever....(and its safer). You will flip out of the hammock sooner or later. See pictures. 




Use rope from hammock to Mcguivers to adjust height,
- if you need longer rope then get at a hardware. Any good strong rope will do. See the shape below that you want.



USE WRAPPERS or for big trees you can use THICK ROPE or even CHAIN !!! For WALLS use WALL BOLTS...




Be creative - here is a piece of chain - then you can move hammocks around when the sun changes so that you are in the shade!







If you are a heavy person or likely to use the hammock as a couple,- then go for 2 Air Shocks on each side - Makes  huge difference




About us! - Zenpoint Hammocks 

are  made in Cape Town South Africa- mainly in Mitchels plain and Grassy park - they were made in Nyanga township for a while.  The office and current showrooms is HARRINGTON STR. CAPE TOWN. You are welcome to come over and see what we have - but phone first. I am in and out all day!  MARK 083-6775410 


The hammocks are all made here in cape town south Africa - Each is done and checked by hand!! each is double stitched and checked for balance.

The staff are highly skilled and previously made the original & now generic MOON BAGS of South Africa! 

Stitching and machine work is superb and all materials are hind picked by me!

The AIR SHOCKS (Mcguivers) are a unique and special mix of rubber especially designed for us and patented! 

They absorb shock and they stretch with all your body movements so G force is not hammerred into the hammock

They will protect your hammock hugely adding massive comfort to your headonist Lazyness down - out of office times!  

Actually you can work in a hammock and turn it into an office - FOR REAL! just get an ipad or something! 

The AIRSHOCKS will eventually wear and tear but their life will be for quite a few years! Just dont leave them in harsh sun ..

South African sun eats everything (unfortunately youll find - including you!!!). 

Absorption of G Force will massively extend the life of your hammock.  (Read more)

Where can you put up your ZenPoint ? 

Each place is going to be completely different. Find places inside and outside.

The general trend is indoors.

 Its seriously cool to watch TV and lay around in a hammock rather than a couch. coach potatoe doesnt sound good can get away with hammock sloth!

Sounds better

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There is even hammock YOGA! I do it all the time and its great! I am hugely supple because of it. really! you would be amazed. 

Airshocks objective is to make your hammock feel as if you are on a soft soft tree branch - no matter what you are attached too! And they will add massive life and protection to your hammock and structures. Especially if you move around a lot in the hammock.

Remember that 100Kg of body weight can easly produce a G force of up to 200Kg with any movements even just getting in and out!

zenpoint hammocks johannesburg hammocks.jpg (54284 bytes)buy hammock johannesburg south africa 12.jpg (136348 bytes) buy hammock johannesburg south africa 24.jpg (73418 bytes) buy hammock johannesburg south africa 29.jpg (136991 bytes)

G FORCE is the prolem no 1 and People dont really understand this. Its not body weight that eventually breaks hammocks its G force - (yank up a 20 KG suitcase as fast as you can and youll find the handle can fly off - especially if you are quick and strong ...this is G force in simple english!  

So when you hear of hammock perveyors ...selling expert advice that there hammocks can handle 240 Kg - thats weight not G FORCE! 

 buy a hammock cape town.jpg (122727 bytes) zenpoint hammocks buy johannesburg.jpg (125063 bytes) hammock syspension.jpg (97383 bytes)

A 240 KG couple will produce immense G FORCE! It’s the force created by ANY movement at all in your hammock that needs to be absorbed by something - a soft yielding tree branch is ideal but thats not coming out of a wall or pole or beam - THIS IS WHY the airshocks help so much to make a hammock cool! And this is the reason behind the McGuivers.  Every time you move or get in or out the hammock you create G force and the airshocks REMOVE ALL JARRING AND JOLTING!!

Our hammocks are exceptionally strong and we are conservative with weights given and the primary job of the MCGUIVERS IS to absorb movement forces.

buy hammocks cape south africa.jpg (147846 bytes)

  SO use them always!  The McGuivers are not ordinary rubber but have been especially made for this purpose!

You can clip up in many ways - check out your home and garden for different places,- you can move the hammock around- best places are in the shade,- lying in a hot hammock is awful! You can put in wall bolts in your walls and beams and you can tie up tree rings to onto onto beams or trees or poles....just look around and think HOW CAN I CLIP UP! youll find places everywhere - all homes have a few secret places....You can CREATE COOL SPACES TOO,- the best places to put up a hammocks are in mottled shade and you can make a hammocks cabana in the garden or by the pool 

here are some pics....

hammocks south africa cape town sale manufacture -14.jpg (76488 bytes) hammocks south africa cape town sale manufacture -2.jpg (116268 bytes) hammocks trendy cape town.jpg (123490 bytes)


Find the best relaxing places around your home & garden,- get your local handyman to come in and put in clip up points. The more points the better.

Clip up in the sun, in the shade, indoors by a big open bay window..e.t.c  For indoors use, - most people leave the hammock hanging down the wall as a feature & clip it open to use. Different places around your home & garden make a huge difference for mood…the leafy tree, the pool pagoda…the balcony. It’s really worthwhile to spend some time finding special clip-up places. 

There are very beautiful and creative ways of using hammocks. 

When you understand the power of a hammock you will love it forever & wonder how you ever lived without one. 

Some indigenous tribes of central America say that you are held in the hands of God when in a hammock.   

Indoor use of hammocks is becoming the most popular & its now very trendy.

Hammocks are very portable especially with the McGuivers, -  Its surprising how portable such extreme luxury can be! On a picnic, camping, clipped up between your 4x4 and a tree! Some ideas: - Make your own quiet “Me-time” place. Take your hammock away with you on weekends…it’s amazing that such comfort can be so easily transported. There are 100’s of “positions” to also learn in a hammock. Move around in it …feet up feet down…explore sort of stretches… you will be amazed what you discover and it gets better all the time. A great one is to be held in it like an arm in an arm-sling, sort of sideways. The more you learn to move with a hammock the more pleasure it gives. Get to know it and explore. 

The conventional, head at one end and feet at the other is just one position that everyone knows and perhaps the least interesting. You can sit in various Yoga positions where your back straightens and you can sit or long periods of time. Try sitting cross-legged in the hammock with your body pushed up more towards one side where the strings are!

Hammocks are a tribal furniture used for centuries, some people have social “floating lounges” or hammock lounges its an incredible social space where lots of hammocks are put together in the same room, balcony, cabana e.t.c- it is amazing to have this way of relaxing and way for people to relate from different levels an in a sort of 3D way as opposed to our conventional western, more formal floor space, 2D way of relating!

The name also originates from the idea of Zen space management, - clip open - clip closed! An amazing lightness and simplicity of lifestyle! When you get in the hammock “flap” the fabric a few times to shake out dust. This helps to keep it clean. You don’t have to wash it often. TO CLEAN: - drape the hammock in a tub (bath) and wash lightly with the strings held out of the water. Don’t use washing machine, - it might tangle up. Notice that there is glue in the knot, which will also wash out with the detergent. Wall Bolts also loosen and wear, - Always check them frequently and before using hammock!

Indemnity / Waiver of rights

The purchase of ZENPOINT ™ products including the hammock, all attachments, accessories and suspension system sold together with it shall be at the purchasers sole risk and the purchaser, his or her executors and any person using the ZENPOINT ™ products or any other person, shall have no claim against ZENPOINT MEDIA ARCHITECT CC, its members, employees and assigns, or the ZENPOINT ™ manufacturers, its management, employees and assigns, for any loss, expense, liability, damage, and/or injury to any person or property which may be suffered by the purchaser and/or any person using the ZENPOINT ™ products and/ or as a direct or indirect result of the use of the ZENPOINT products through the purchaser, arising from the use of the ZENPOINT ™ products, or any other cause whatsoever, howsoever arising, including negligence, whether by commission or omission.  The purchaser indemnifies and holds Zenpoint Media Architect CC, its members, employees and assigns and the manufacturer, its management, employees and assigns harmless against any claim which may be made against them or any of the aforesaid. This product is manufactured and sold in accordance with South African law.

Can take a weight of about 140 KG. Holds 2 average people. Available in various colours. Soft against your skin.
Add massive comfort to any hammock. Significantly lengthen life of hammock. Help protect walls & beams too.
GUARANTEED THE BEST. Most durable, toughest, & long lasting you can find! Can handle ANY environments
You can just leave the tree rings tied up indoors and out!
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